La Rosa de Foc

Fascinating art exhibition on Picasso and Gaudí's Barcelona at Palazzo Diamanti, Ferrara.

Effervescent and enchanting, whimsical and rebellious, this was Barcelona at the beginning of the twentieth century, "the rose of fire". A new fervor inflamed the arts and culture scene, where stood out the stars of Picasso and Gaudi, in the background of a red-hot social tensions that fueled conflict and attacks.

La Rosa de Foc. Picasso and Gaudí's Barcelona, is an exhibition that tells these fruitful and restless years, through masterpieces of Catalan painting and sculpture protagonists, and you can visit it until July 19.

A kaleidoscope of paintings, graphic works, jewelry, photographs, sculptures, architectural models and theater testify as all the arts have been covered by the same fire of renewal.

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