Excursion to the Bosco Mesola Nature Reserve

An exciting itinerary, surrounded by forest nature and in its atmosphere of enchantment.

It starts from the entrance of Bosco Mesola Nature Reserve, following the King of the Wood: the Mesola Deer.
You will cross Elciola, a large clearing where you can easily observe deer and deer and finally, it will be possible to reach the Duchesses’ Park, a sand glade, with musk and lichen.

The Bosco Mesola Nature Reserve, is located near the Po River, in the heart of Delta Park, near the border with of the Rovigo province.
During the Estense era, it was part of a single forest full of wild game and it was hunting ground of Estense family for over two centuries.

The excursion includes guided tours by electric minibus for 8 passengers, all Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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