Arpa di Luce – Mirabiluso

An exciting weekend of sound and light on Trepponti Comacchio

For three nights, May 29,30 and 31 from 9.00 o'clock pm, Trepponti of Comacchio will becomes a great musical instrument of 11 light strings stretched between the two towers of the triple bridge and lapped by as many pendulums, able to excite and enchant creating a bewitching music suspended between the magic of the fascinating light show and the delicate notes harmony that spread between the arches and reflect in the canals below.
Arpa di Luce is a light sculpture and a real musical instrument. It's a collaboration between a musician, an engineer and an architect and Pietro Pirelli is the percussionist, composer and performer who makes vibrate its strings.
Let us take you on a journey of sound and light surrounded by the picturesque setting of the beautiful Comacchio, city between land and water.

Let's know the artist: Pietro Pirelli born in Rome in 1954, is a musician and composer for electronic and acoustic, for theater, ballet, art exhibitions, installations, films and videos of international renown.
He is founder of Agon, a cultural association of sound, computer science and music of which he is the current president.
In his career he has worked, among others, with the Living Theatre of New York, MUSICA Festival in Strasbourg, Gothenburg Festival, Ars Ludi, Egri White Dance, Philipphe Daverio, Telecom Project Italy, Arte Fiera Bologna and many others.
From some years his performances include sound, light in the visual arts strongly related with architecture.

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